FLASH Lab adds more exciting Backdrops!

Aaand another round of fancy pansy Photo Booth backgrounds has just arrived at FLASH Lab’s Hong Kong doorsteps.

We followed our clients wishes and inspiration and added more basic colors to our backdrop collection. Simple colors will bring out the people in the photos much more, so if you have an event inside or during the evening, we recommend to go for a simple backdrop design to get those colors poppin’ on your printouts!

 FLASH Lab adds more exciting Backdrops! Hong Kong Photo BoothOf course we encourage every single one of you Photo Booth lovers out there to choose the most crazy and wild backdrops for your next event as well, lets all be a bit gaga, right?

And if you reaaally can’t decide on which ones to take, we have something new for you!

DUAL BACKDROP Selection with our FLASH Package!

Yes it’s true, you can now choose 2 (in words: TWO! DUO! ZWEI!) backdrops out of our collection which we will then change whenever you tell us to during your event! Simply book THE FLASH package and get to choose, don’t let your backdrop be alone out there! (check it out here)


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